Real Hand Made Obeah & Voodoo
Occult Mystic Brand Incense & Oils



All Obeah & Voodoo Items are made according to secret real
practices under the powers of the Spirits of the Dead

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Obeah & Voodoo Brand

Powder Incense

This is only a small offering of the many different special type occult incenses that we carry. For more special brand incense, please consult Dr .DePrince Master Catalog of Occult power.

All special incense comes with special information on how to use them to help you overcome your problems.

These occult brand incenses are made from the legendary formulas from the EGYPTIAN and European mystical books that have long stood the test of time.

These powerful incenses were used by the masters of the forbidding arts to give to others, power and success in all things.

Even today there are many who still seek and use the old time mystical incenses to help them gets what they want.

All special incense is made the old fashion mystical way. If you want to practice the old mysticism's that made the masters so powerful in all things.

Then select and send for any or all of these ancient incense brands and start you on the road to personal power today. For more information on how to use click here



























Obeah & Voodoo Master
Brand Bath Wash

    For Experience Obeah & Voodoo Masters Only

    (no instructions)

    Frog Dust

    Mandrake Root  SOLD OUT

    Bitter Fingers SOLD OUT


    Black Arts Graveyard Water SOLD OUT


    Blue Moon Spit SOLD OUT


    Five Fingers ( M/F) SOLD OUT


    Lucky Devil Pea


    Black Cum Drops SOLD OUT

    Gay Maker Brain Dust SOLD OUT

    e your money problems.



Obeah & Voodoo Brand
Mystic Psychic Occult Oils


For many years, thousands of people have place their faith in Dr. DePrince special Occult and Psychic oils to help them achieve Success and Good Luck with their personal problems.

For more information on how to use these special oils. Read Dr. DePrince book called Secrets of Attracting Good Luck for more information on how to select and use these mystical brand oils.


Lucky Van Van

High John The Conqueror

Lucky Lover

Five Fingers Grass

Good Luck


Lucky Numbers


Master Seducer

Lucky Lottery

Jinx Removing


Lucky Dog

Boss Fix

Rent Man

Stay Home (Man)

Break Up

Peace In Home


Tie Up Nature (Him)

Master of Money Drawing

Black Cat Gamblers

Seven Holy Spirits


Fast Luck

Job Finder

Holy Protection

Stay Home (Woman)

Freedom From Jinxes and Bad Luck


lTie up Nature (Her)


Think About Me



DePrince Occult
Psychic Brand Spell
Kit Candles

(comes with all you need to get help now)

Powerful Voodoo Candles, for love, money, good luck.

Use these special candles  spell kits to help you get what you want.

It is best to use these special candles when you want to extra powerful, stronger vibrations around you for success.

Always burn occult, psychic candles to cleanse the room, and bring in the results that your are seeking for.

For more information on how to use these candles, consult my Catalogue for information.

Note all these candles have been "Fix" with oils, and dusted  with real Voodoo dust. All you have to do is burn them. That its.


Mystical Herbal Sachets Voodoo Bag
for Personal Power In All Things

All Herbal Voodoo Sachets Bags
are Each


For years thousands of people have secretly carried with them my special powerful Lucky Sachets.

These special Sachets have been specially prepared to help you overcome your most difficult problems.

These Sachets are handmade according to the ancient ways of the powerful Obi Workers. When these Sachets are used with strong faith in these powers.

These Sachets will help the owner to overcome their problems and help them to become very lucky in all things.

All of these special sachets are made according to secret Voodoo lore.

ATTRACTION FOR LOVE: Use to attract lovers in one life.

BOSS FIX: Use to control your boss on the job.

BREAK UP A AFFAIR. To stop someone from having an affair with your lover.

BREAK UP A LOVE AFFAIR: Use to brake up an unwanted love affair.

COMMANDING POWERS: Carry with you to help give you powers in controlling others around you.

GOOD LUCK AROUND THE HOUSE OR BUSINESS: Use to bring good luck and success in your home or business.

JINX REMOVING Bag :Remove bad luck and jinxes that have been placed into your life.

YOUR WIFE FAITHFUL: Use to keep a woman faithful .

LOVE POWER DRAWING Bag: Use this to help bring love back into your life or to find a new lover.

LUCKY GAMBLING Bag. Help you to become lucky in your special game of chance

LUCKY LOTTERIES: Use to help increase your chances of becoming very lucky in the lotteries.

MONEY DRAWING Bag: Helps one to overcome their money problems and to help bring strong money drawing vibrations into their life.

MYSTICAL PROTECTION Bag: Carry with you for special mystical protection against evil,unseen danger and harm.

RED BAT UNCROSSING KIT: Powerful Ju Ju bag that is used to send back evil spells.

REMOVE EVIL FROM THE HOME: Use for sending back evil spells and bad luck in the home.

SEVEN STONES OF LUCK: This bag contains the seven powerful mystical stones of good luck to help you in any situation.

SPECIAL JU JU WISH KIT:Use this bag to help bring to pass your special wishes.

SUCCESS ON THE JOB: Use to help one becomes successful on your job and for advancement your career.

TO MAKE SOMEONE MOVE AWAY: If someone is in your house and you want them to leave use this special bag to help them leave you alone.

STOP OTHERS FROM TALKING BAD ABOUT YOU: Use if you believe others are talking bad about you and hurting your chances of success by such talk.

BRING A LOVER BACK:Use to bring a lover back into your life.

TO KEEP YOUR HUSBAND FAITHFUL: Use to keep a man faithful to you and to make him stop running around with other woman.

VICTORY IN COURT: Use for a successful outcome in a court case.