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Super Psychics did an awesome spell for me.  My ex-boyfriend had been using me for his own purpose, while he was dating some other girl.  Later, in May, the girl he had been dating followed me a couple times, and had almost run me off the road.   Anyway, Super Psychics did a spell for me, the beginning May , to have his life be turned upside down.  Well, the moment the spell was cast, my ex fought with the other girl, and I just found out that they just broke up before the weekend.  He is extremely miserable in his love life and work life.  I 'm still waiting for him to beg me to come back with him, and I have faith that it will happen. –Connie  Newark NJ


 Super Psychic Break

Up  Spell


Use the powers of the Psychic Masters To Break Them Up for Good


Psychic Break Up Spell ($97.50)

Breakup spells apply to circumstances in which you want to cause two people to split up in order to bring an end to their relationship or marriage.

When you request a spell from me, I ask for a nominal donation of $97 USD. This covers the cost of the items

This will also take care of your karmic obligation to me for casting a spell for you.












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