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Psychic Binding Spell

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Psychic Binding Lover's Spell

Use the powers of the super-psychic masters to help bind
and hold your love one to you and only you Forever!

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Super Psychics did an awesome spell for me.  My ex-boyfriend had been using me for his own purpose, while he was dating some other girl.  Later, in May, the girl he had been dating followed me a couple times, and had almost run me off the road.   Anyway, Super Psychics did a spell for me, the beginning May , to have his life be turned upside down.  Well, the moment the spell was cast, my ex fought with the other girl, and I just found out that they just broke up before the weekend.  He is extremely miserable in his love life and work life.  I 'm still waiting for him to beg me to come back with him, and I have faith that it will happen. –Connie  Newark NJ


 Psychic Binding Lover's Spell


To Hold then To You ($97.00)

Binding spells (for lovers) apply to circumstances in which you want to bring your lover very close to you and bind him/her to you so as to create a strong and permanent bond between you.

When you request a spell from me, I ask for a nominal donation of $97 USD. This covers the cost of the items I will use in the spell casting, as well as some fees involved with running this service. This will also take care of your karmic obligation to me for casting a spell for you.

Each spell I cast is created specifically for you and your exact needs. I will need you to email me with the following details with your payment:

1. Your name and birth date
2. Names of any other people involved in the spell
3. Birth dates of the other people (optional - only if this is known)
4. A brief history of the situation
5. A paragraph or two, in your own words, of the exact desired outcome of your spell casting.

When I receive all of this information, I will contact you with the times and dates of your spell casting, as well as any other information you need to know. You will not need to do anything else, except sit back and know you have started an important step in changing your life for the better.


A common 'trick' of some unethical spell casters is to email you partway through the spell and say that there has been a problem, and in order to continue, they will need more from you.

Super-Psychics has over 4600 testimonials from people all over the world, you can be assured that you have sleeked the services of the best spell caster available online or in person- myself.








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