Special Voodoo Altar Burning Candle Spell


Let me light your special candle on my powerful high Voodoo Magic Altar Right Now
My work is very powerful and very secret! Only you and I will know that I am working
my special type of Voodoo Magic to help you get what you want now!




Dear Special Friend:

About Your Special Wish Request!

Thank you for contacting my web site, I know that you may have contacted other so-called Voodoo web sites, but I want you to know that since no two finger prints are the same, no two Voodoo workers are the same.

You have made a very special wish, and I do know that what you have wished for is very dear and special in your heart. Knowing that, I wish to handle your very special wish request with the most up most loving care by treating your special wish the proven old Voodoo way.

Many years ago, and even today, when a person came to a powerful Voodoo Priests for a special wish or request, the Voodoo Priest would have them write their wish request on paper seven times before they retire that night.

The next day they would send it off to the Voodoo Priest and when the Voodoo Priest would get their special wish request, he would put it on his high altar and then light a special Voodoo Magical candle next to their wish request.

This special Magical Voodoo Candle is called a Seven Day Candle because that is how long it would take to burn out. But for each day as the candle is burning the Voodoo Master would be saying special magical prayers to help the person who made the wish requests come true.

Generally within seven days or after this was done, the wish request would come to pass. However, you must keep in mind the more problems with your wish request was the more magical prayers and candles need to be burn at the high alter.

When doing anything in life as well in using magic, we must keep common sense in the picture. That means that you must be firmly aware that some things do take time to happen and you must have faith that what you wish for will come to pass.


Here is what I want to do with your special request,


1)  Check off how many weeks or candles that you personally feel that I need to burn in your name on the high Altar.

Only you know how bad or deep and complex your problem is and you should only have me burn and say as many magical prayers and candles that you think   you will need, Please don’t ask me because this is very personal with you and only you know how hard your case is and no one else.

2)After payment,  you will be taken to my special altar Wish Page and I will contact you and tell you when I have started and send you something very special that will only add power to help you get what you want.

I look forward to helping you get what you want, and once again thank you so much for finding me on the web.


Truly Yours in Spirit

Master Thessalonia DePrince


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