"Who Else Wants Their Guarding Angel To
Help Them And Protect Them From Being
Another Victim of A Violent Crime?"

A Decreed By GOD!


Whoever Carries This Protection Charm, Blessed by Their Guarding Angel will never be killed by freak accidents, on sea, in the air and on land and never die by the hands of violent people


F.B.I. Proven Facts That Nobody
Wants to Know About

FACT: Your chances  of being robbed , raped  and even killed today are greater than winning the lottery

Fact: As the economy continues to get worse, the crime rate will rise and it is a proven fact that you or someone that you know may become a victim of a violent crime.

Fact: The Jails and Prisons are so overloaded that the system is now forced to release many violent offenders back into society because of no space!

And if you really think the Police will be there when you
need them, think again!

So what are you going to do?

You can carry a gun or knife and if you use it in self-defense and if you kill your attacker you still have to face a Judge to defend your actions. 

Even worse the person you killed will have friends who may come after you or your family for revenge


You can learn “self-defense” in one weekend and get hurt real bad or even killed in a fight because hard core  criminals  know  all the ass kicking tricks and that is proven because the  graveyard is full of so called Martial Artists who thought that they were “Experts”


You can continue to bury your head in the sand and keep telling yourself nothing will happen to you because the Police is always there when you need them protecting you, until one day reality will hit you over the head .....

and you  find yourself in some hospital fighting for your life, and if you live, you will find out  the nasty secret that the " legal system” has failed you!

The Best and Proven Defense Action that
you can take right now!

YOU! Can call upon the powers of Your ‘Guarding Angel to Watch over you and Protect you from all hurt, harm and unseen dangers that are at this moment waiting to destroy your life

"‘Spiritual FACT: When you were born, you were giving a special Guarding Angel to watch over
you to guide and to protect you in this life."

The problem is and has always been that very few people know the real hidden powerful secrets on how to make contact with their Guarding Angel and how to work with them to help you solve your problems and  to protect you.

Why? Because such knowledge and power has been and will always be in the hands of the powerful, until now... But that is going to change now, because you will have the power to…

  • Learn the name of your Real Guarding Angel

  • The secret days and hours to contact your Guarding Angel

  • How to work with your Guarding Angel help you solve your problems, and most of all .....

  • How to have them protect you from seen and unseen danger!


This is the only proven way to protect yourself !  This fact has been known secretly for many years among powerful world Leaders, Actors and Successful people because it really works


Since the economy has went down, many people have been emailing me for some special type of strong Spiritual Protection to protect them from danger.

They all email me telling me that they wish they had contacted  me earlier because something bad has happen to them or their love one and they do not want nothing bad to happen to them again.

Do not let this be you!

 In response to these many requests and for a very limited time only, I have prepared a special Guarding Angel Amulet in Blessed Silver that has been consecrated on my Altar

 With each Guarding Angel Amulet you will receive full secret information on how to use your Guarding Angel Amulet to help you solve your problems in this life, and  how to use your  Guarding Angel Amulet for personal protection ageist all the evil that is waiting to destroy you.


I am going to send you your very own special Guarding Angel Amulet based on the real date of your birth, your city and your real name.

I need this very important information to find the name and secret hours of your Guarding Angel to charge your Amulet with. 

So act now and click on this buy now button and once payment has been approved you will get a email from me asking you for your details and another  important question that is to secret to put in this email.

This secret question will make your Guarding Angel presence known to you! 

Click Here Now To Contact and Work with  your
Own Guarding Angel



$55. 00


Extra Postage Will Be Added for International Orders Outside USA